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LGBTQ+ Safe Space

LGBTQ+ Safe Space is a Certification Program for Customer-facing Companies
and Organisations
, such as the hospitality, retail, and education sectors.

Obtaining certification from an external, independent organisation such as Queerify highlights your unwavering commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

This prestigious certification not only signals to your customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders that you prioritise these critical matters but also sends a resolute message that LGBTQ+ individuals are genuinely embraced in your premises -

where they can feel secure and valued.

After obtaining Queerify's certification, your business goes beyond being simply "LGBT-friendly." Your premises have been independently verified as a Safe Space

for LGBTQ+ individuals and communities.

As a valued participant, you will gain the privilege of proudly displaying the LGBTQ+ Safe Space logo on your website and across all your marketing channels, setting your business apart from competitors.

4 diverse friends smiling

The benefits of joining our program are numerous and impactful.

Here are the key advantages you can gain:


  1. Enhanced Reputation and Brand Image

  2. Increased Customer Loyalty

  3. Expanded Market Reach

  4. Improved Employee Engagement and Retention

  5. Attraction of Top Talent

  6. Mitigation of Legal Risks

  7. Positive Media Coverage

  8. Long-Term Competitiveness, Resilience and Revenue Boost

  9. Positive Workplace Culture

  10. Contribution to Social Progress

Certification Packages
A group of 5 diverse friends sitting and having al fresco drinks and snacks

The LGBTQ+ Safe Space certification is versatile and can be applicable to a wide range of customer-facing businesses and organisations that aim to promote inclusion and provide a sense of safety for LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. Examples include:

  • Pubs and bars

  • Cafes

  • Shops

  • Universities

  • Hotels

  • Fitness centres and gyms

  • Theatres and entertainment venues

  • Cultural and community centres

  • Museums and art galleries

  • Health and beauty salons

  • Travel agencies and tour operators

  • Spa and wellness centres

  • Restaurants

  • Wedding venues

  • Dance studios

  • Bookstores and libraries

  • Event spaces and conference centres

  • Campgrounds and outdoor adventure centres

  • Yoga studios and wellness retreats

  • Pet-friendly establishments

  • Amusement parks and recreational facilities

  • Art studios and creative workshops

  • Language schools

  • Gaming cafes and escape rooms

  • Cooking schools

Lesbian Couple Eating Popsicles

Certification Packages

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