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Certify Your Business & Build a Safer,
More Inclusive Future

Queerify will help you in your DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) journey,
even if you're just starting out and need a strategy.


We believe in a workplace culture that is beyond just “LGBT-friendly,”

a culture that is free of discrimination, that is inclusive of everyone

and represents and values LGBTQ+ people.

If your business or organisation in the UK has the same values or want to adopt these values, Queerify is here to help.

Certification Programmes

Get certified by Queerify and enlist your organisation among the UK’s top LGBTQ+ Employers,

or Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ communities.

We offer two different certification programmes depending on the type of your business and your goals.


Let’s take a look at both of them.

LGBTQ+ Safe Space

Queerify LGBTQ+ Safe Space is a certification programme for customer-facing businesses and organisations in the UK.


Reassuring your customers, employees, and business partners that your organisation takes the issues of LGBTQ+ people seriously is the first step towards creating a safer, more inclusive, and equitable environment.

Once you get certified as an LGBTQ+ Safe Space,

you can proudly display our Safe Space logo and your certificate in your premises, on your website, and across your social media platforms. By prominently featuring our esteemed logo, you will distinguish yourself to customers as a verified inclusive organisation. 


Click here and contact us to learn more about our Queerify LGBTQ+ Safe Space Certification!

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Best LGBTQ+ Employers


Queerify's Best LGBTQ+ Employers is a certification programme that enlists your company or organisation among the Best Employers for LGBTQ+ talent in the UK.


Getting this certificate will reassure both your potential and current employees, as well as other stakeholders that you take diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously, particularly in regard to LGBTQ+ communities and barriers that they face.


Click here to learn more about the Best LGBTQ+ Employers and how to certify your organisation!

Feel free to contact us to request a free no-commitments quotation.

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